Why hire a wedding coordinator?


A wedding really can be anything you want it to be or, more correctly, whatever the bride and groom want it to be.  Unfortunately, with a decision to get married, life's other commitments don't disappear, or even lessen.  In today's society the pace is often high, you work many hours and there are often plenty of activities in your spare time.  So, when are you supposed to have the time to plan your own wedding, just as you dream it?

When you bring in a wedding coordinator, it is suddenly much easier to find the time to get exactly what you dream of.  A coordinator has the experience, knowledge and time to find the perfect venue, book the best florist, create the amazing invitation, and do all those other things that add up to a perfect day.

Needless to say, if you choose to get married away from your own town or country, then a local wedding coordinator is the difference between headaches and perfection.


On the Day, a coordinator will make sure everything runs smoothly and the bride and groom can sit back and enjoy their day, from beginning to end, without stress and last-minute issues.  A coordinator will "put out fires" as and when they arise, often even without the bridal couple noticing.


Often a wedding coordinator has agreements with vendors to get discounts or extras, and they have the knowledge and experience of negotiating prices.  It is also time saving - and time, as we all know - is money.  The wedding coordinator will get the job done, and the bride and groom only need to express their wishes, and approve the result.

And it would be invaluable to have someone you can trust to hand on your wedding day, so that you won't have to deal with making sure the cake is delivered on time, the soloist is standing in the right spot at the church, the flower girl's dress ripping at the seam minutes before the ceremony, the groom's bouttonier wilting just when the portrait session is about to start, and so on.


That, is why you should hire a wedding coordinator!

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